Greetings BROADOUS Family:

I am blessed to have been born into this GOD fearing Broadous Family whose ancestors, Rev. Zachrah, Sr. and Mattie Thomas Broadous, laid a spiritual foundation upon which we live today. It was/is an awesome honor to have served as National President and now serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors for The Broadous Family Reunion.

The family moved into the Twenty First Century with its great Broadous traditions, all the while, keeping its commitment to the edict from the Rev. Zachrah Broadous, Sr. of “Children, whatever you do, always stay in touch with one another” and following Mrs. Mattie that we not forget the family prayer.

What kind of love inspired a husband and wife to ensure that long after they are gone from this earth but not from our hearts, their offspring would continue in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and continue to carry on with family traditions, whilst adding new traditions consistent with the foundation established by Rev. Zachrah, Sr. and Mrs. Mattie?

Agape’ Love and Love for Family that inspired Rev. Zachrah, Sr. and Mattie. Clearly, that same Agape’ Love and that same Love for Family have sustained the Broadous Family through generations, even into the Twenty First Century.

The Broadous Family, strongly knitted together, will always pay tribute to Rev. Zachrah, Sr. and Mrs. Mattie who laid a strong foundation based on our Lord Jesus Christ. Today and evermore, we stand firm on that foundation as did the original brothers and sisters. “Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love; the fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above.”

The Broadous Family Web Site is intended to use modern technology as a tool to stay in touch with one another as we share information relevant to our family. May God bless us all!

In CHRISTs Love and Broadous Love

Chairman of the Board


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Spotlight on Natasha (Williams) Butler

“I’m not opening up a mom and pop grocery store,” Butler says with a laugh. “I’m opening up a school with 525 babies.” - Natasha Butler

“I’m not opening up a mom and pop grocery store,” Butler says with a laugh. “I’m opening up a school with 525 babies.” - Natasha Butler

New school in Portland, Oregon  aims to change the narrative for children of color.

To read the full article, please Click Here

Natasha is the great granddaughter of Nealie Broadous Owens


Broadous Family Prayer:

Every Wednesday 6 a.m. (Pacific Time)
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Bereavement Notice: Judson Davis, Jr.

It is with heavy hearts we convey a mighty man of God, Cousin Judson Davis, Jr. (Judd, Jr.) has gone on to be with the Lord. Please uplift his parents, Elder Judson, Sr. and Mary Ann Davis, his wife, Deborah Davis, their children and, siblings Rebecca (Becky), Keith and Elizabeth (Lizzy)


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